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Home classes /personal dance training/ wedding Sangeet dance Choreography

So u can learn dance  just in 3 Days

We have good Experience trainners

Experience is Everything .

Dance Choreography in wedding/Competition/Corporate Event s

Abhijeet Bharti


Abhijeet Bharti is a Celebrity Dance Choreographer /Anchor /Entertainer

Dance Choreography / Anchoring in wedding Sangeets with DJ Viky


Abhijeet Bharti had all ready done more then 400 Successfull Dance Choreographey & Anchoring in wedding Sangeets.

Home classes/ personal Dance training for wedding Sangeet & Competition or Corporate event


Abhijeet Bharti have a  good team 

In his team more then 10 members

Abhijeet Bharti and his team will provide u home classes and personal Dance training services for wedding Sangeet & corporate events as well as for Competition  

So u can get result in just 3 Days.

Anchoring /Entertainment & others

Anchoring / Entertainment in wedding Sangeet


If u want to  make wedding Sangeet very happiest or Entertaining then

Abhijeet Bharti and his team will provide this service to u for your wedding Sangeet

So u can make you wedding Sangeet very happiest and very Entertaining

And u can deffinately enjoy you wedding Sangeet

We r here in your wedding Sangeet for make some beautifull memories & happiness


So choose Abhijeet Bharti Dance Company First and make beautiful memories of your wedding Sangeet with happiness.

Cinametrography in wedding Sangeet


If u want a good video shoot or pre video shoot 

So Abhijeet Bharti will  also provide this service in wedding Sangeet for make some beautifull memories.